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Fuel Heating Types:  Electricity, Gas, Diesel, Propane, or Oil

Winter is here, and if you haven’t already addressed what your heating source will be for the year, there is no time to waste. Perhaps you are dissatisfied with your current system and are looking for an improvement. There are multiple sources for creating heat, and deciding which one is the most efficient and economical can be a difficult decision. Most homeowners choose systems that operate off of electricity, gas, diesel, propane, or oil.

  • Electricity. Electricity rates vary by location, but historically, electricity has tended to be more expensive than some of the other heating types. Lately, however, it has become more competitive, and electric heating is once again a feasible option. Electric forced air systems can still be inefficient to run, but there are other electric options, such as radiator heaters.
  • Gas. Natural gas was until recently one of the most affordable fuel options. With gas prices dropping, it is once again in the running. Natural gas can be used to fuel forced-air systems or fireplaces.
  • Diesel. Diesel used to be quite inexpensive, but in the past year rose drastically. Even though it has dropped with the price of oil, it is still more expensive than some of the other choices. Diesel can be used to fuel furnaces that create hot air and water.
  • Propane. Propane heat is an affordable alternative to other choices. Some homeowners enjoy how it can fuel both their appliances and their heating source.
  • Oil. Oil normally refers to kerosene oil, which developed widespread usage with the invention of the Monitor Heater.

Before shopping for your new heating system, take the time to compare the rates for each of the energy sources. Take into consideration the efficiency of each of the systems to help determine how much fuel would be required for operation as well. You might consider checking into solar-powered systems while you’re at it. With the long-term savings of solar energy, it just might pay for the extra cost initially. Request free estimates today from knowledgeable HVAC contractors to help you solve your heating problems.

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