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Attic Fans: Electric vs. Solar

If cooling your house is a priority this summer, then an attic fan (given you have an attic, of course) may be the way to go. They can do wonders in expelling hot air and significantly reducing the temperature in the rest of your home. There are two main options to choose from: electric and solar. Which is best? These pros and cons will help you decide.

Electric Fans

Pros – Electric fans have one major upside: since they depend solely on electricity, they can run on command whenever needed. Since they can also run constantly, they’ll do a far better job at consistently keeping your home the preferred temperature. In addition, they cost significantly less than solar fans.

Cons – On the downside, the use of electricity means that it’s not the best choice for those interested in lightening their environmental impact. And despite their lower initial cost, they will increase your monthly electric bill.

Solar-Powered Fans

Pros – Solar fans, on the other hand, are extremely easy to install (no need for a professional) and run for free. They cost you zero electricity. They’re quieter than an electric fan and will not increase your environmental impact or energy consumption.

Cons – The negative aspect is that it can get a bit sketchy during the sun’s off-peak hours. At nighttime, the fan could stop completely. Or if it’s overcast outside, it might slow down considerably. Thus, the temperature of your home can fluctuate without much warning.

Both electric and solar attic fans have positive attributes, so your purchase should be based on your own needs and desires. Happy shopping!

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