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Comparing Three Types of Radiant Floor Heating

Winter is rapidly approaching, and it’s never too early to start preparing your home. This year, higher heating costs are especially concerning. Gas is no longer more affordable than electric, which has been expensive for quite some time. By investing in an energy efficient heating system and looking for alternative energy sources, you can help lower your utility bills while enjoying a more temperately comfortable home this winter. Tired of cold floors and inefficient heating? Radiant floor heating systems are one area you might begin with.

Heat rises; therefore, it makes logistical sense to install your heating source in the lowest point in the house. Radiant heating can also be more efficient in that little heat is wasted through forced air ducts. People with allergies also prefer it to forced air systems. Radiant heating systems rely on infrared radiation and convection, creating subtle warmth that permeates the room. There are three types of radiant heating systems designed to be installed beneath your flooring.

· Radiant Air Floors. This type of heating system uses air as the heat conveyer. These systems are perhaps the least efficient and used the least. They rely on a furnace to heat and pump the air through pipes beneath the floor, which can be an expensive and inefficient mode of heating. It is possible to use a solar air heating system to supply the hot air, although this doesn’t work well in the evening hours.

· Electric Radiant Floors. These floors are built by installing electric cables beneath or within the floor. Electrically conductive plastic mats can also be installed beneath wood and tile flooring. A concrete floor can aide in the efficiency of the system by holding the heat for a longer period of time. Because electric is quite expensive, these floors are best in small areas for occasional, use such as in a bathroom or other contained area.

· Hydronic Radiant Floors. For radiant heat, hydronic radiant systems are probably the best all-around system. They work by pumping water heated from a boiler into tubes beneath the floor. The temperature can be controlled by

adjusting the amount of hot water in the tubes. This method is the most efficient of the three, and the water can also be heated by solar-powered systems.

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