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Clean Your Air Ducts and Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality

Fall and spring are ideal times to have your air ducts cleaned. The repercussions of dirty air ducts can be numerous. They facilitate the flow of dust, mold, and allergens through indoor air that can cause frequent sickness, usually without any clear idea of the cause.

There are some key maintenance tasks that can be taken to ensure good indoor air quality, such as regularly vacuuming vents and changing the air filter on your HVAC system. Yet every once in a while, it is important to have the air ducts thoroughly cleaned. This can be a messy job and one that requires the proper tools to complete. That is why hiring a professional air duct cleaning company is often the way to go. They have high powered blowers and vacuums for removing dust without simply spreading more dust into the air.

Doing it yourself can result in even worse air quality if not done correctly. For instance, using a vacuum to clean out ducts can only make things worse if that vacuum exhausts the dirty air right back into the home. Soft-bristled brushes on long handles can be used to do the job manually, but again this will be messy. So have plenty of drop cloths on hand and take ventilating the house after the fact into account.

You can also purchase filters that collect finer particles of dust. These filters will have to be changed more often, though, to prevent even worse blockage.

The bottom line is that a thick layer of dust in the air ducts is a tough clean. Professional duct cleaning will cost about $300 to $500, perhaps a worthy investment for noticeable problems. On average, however, an infrequently changed air filter is the most common cause of circulating dust in the home. Keeping vents clear and clean, plus the timely replacement of air filters, and keeping fresh air circulating through the house as much as you can will help keep dirty air duct issues to a minimum.

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