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Green Home Ventilation System

Did you know that having an energy efficient home can actually be bad for indoor air quality?

Ventilation is essential to your health. Today, the energy efficiency movement has the entire building industry focused on creating houses that are tight as a drum. This is great for saving money and energy, but not so great for ventilation.

Naturally, windows and doors provide opportunities for ventilation, but during hot and cold weather, homeowners are more likely to rely on heating and air conditioning for temperature control, and not the windows and doors.

As a smart solution, Lipidex Corporation designed the AirCycler, a ventilation controller that works with your HVAC system to circulate outdoor air through your home’s existing ductwork system.

The system begins with an outdoor duct installed on the house to draw air from outside. This duct connects with your existing HVAC ductwork to allow the drawn air to reach every room in your house that heating and cooling reaches. The AirCycler ensures that air is moderated to control the temperature and moisture levels, making it more efficient and comfortable than air straight through the windows and doors.

AirCycler home ventilation

In short, it’s a great way to enjoy outdoor air even when temperatures are extreme. The AirCycler is controlled through a device installed in collaboration with the home’s thermostat, and can be programmed for maximum ventilation benefits. The device is factory-set for 10 minutes on, 20 minutes off, but can be adjusted based on the unique ventilation needs of each home. Running this product has many benefits and only costs about $1-5 per month.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

Without an AirCycler, energy efficient homes are prone to contain stagnant air and many indoor air pollutants that get trapped inside, such as:

  • VOCs
  • Radon
  • Heavy metals
  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • Mildew
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Tobacco smoke

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