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10 Electrical Fan Brands Worth Buying

It goes without saying, but electric fans can provide plenty of circulation to any room of the house. These fans are perfect for moving stagnant air out and fresh air in. Some fans are made for dual use, meaning you can use them to cool down a room in the summer and then as a space heater in the wintertime. Other fans are powerful enough to be mistaken for air conditioning units, drawing in a powerful burst of wind that shoots around the house. With temperatures on the rise and summer underway, now is the time to take a serious look at the coolest electric fans available.

  1. Honeywell HW-628 Enviracaire Twin Window Fan comes highly rated and is one of the top sellers on Amazon. Plus, it sells for less than $40. You can find this unit at Wal-Mart and Home Depot, but Amazon.com has it for a slightly cheaper price than the rest.
  2. Honeywell HFS641P 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan has traditional appeal and it comes with a remote control. You can pick this unit up for less than $40 on Amazon.com as well.
  3. The WindChill Outdoor/Indoor Misting Fan sold online at Walmart.com is a pretty good deal for $84. It hooks up to the garden hose and blows a cooling mist about. This fan is great for decks, patios, and poolside locations.
  4. The Air King 9420 20” 3670 CFM Durable Steel Construction Pedestal Fan has a real powerful burst of air. It uses three different speeds and is listed at $129. Look for it online at Air-n-Water.com.
  5. Also at Air-n-Water.com is a reliable table fan. The FTY25 10” Table or Wall Fan - Dual-Use Electric Fan is a small fan that comes equipped with three speeds and can also be used as a space heater in the wintertime.
  6. Vornado 733B High-Velocity Whole-Room 3-Speed Air Circulator is part of the Vortex Vornado fans. These fans are built for both summer and winter and they have a famous reputation for delivering strong air currents. They blast air 7-8 feet. This fan and others like it can be found at Vornado.com.
  7. Minka F518-WH - Concept II Ceiling Fan is highly rated and easy to assemble. The simple yet ingenious design is a great addition to a modern kitchen, living room, or remodeled basement. It can be found at Lamps Plus.
  8. Lasko 2530 Elite WindTower Fan is a tower fan which is very hard to tip over. Plus it’s reasonably priced at $55. It produces good air flow, fits in tight squeezes, and has a modern design. It can be found in all stores.
  9. The Holmes Twin Window Fan HAWF201 has two fans, one to expel hot air and the other to blow cool air in from the outside. It runs quietly and provides good air flow. Can be bought on Buy.com.
  10. Honeywell HT-800 Super Turbo Fan might be small but it blows a tremendous amount of air. The 4-pound unit is designed sit on the floor and can be bought for a mere $15 on Amazon.com.

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