Who Knew Rich, Masculine Design Could Come from a Scarf?

From Margaret Everton on March 1, 2010 in Atlanta

atlanta condo living room remodel

Designer Bob Brown believes that inspiration can come from anywhere. So, after falling in love with a certain Hermes scarf, he went to work designing a condominium at the Ritz Carlton Residences in Atlanta, Georgia. The result? A blend of rich colors, clean lines, and surprisingly masculine feel.

atlanta condo accent pillow

While Brown’s scarf-muse only covers one decorative pillow in the living room, it is clear upon closer inspection that the space is a perfect mirror of the scarf’s colors: deep browns, grays, and a splash of orange here and there. Given the small size of this particular room, patterns, aside from the one pillow, are decidedly absent and a neutral rug serves as the floor covering.

atlanta condo home office

Brown manages to pull the rest of the rooms together with a common color scheme, and subtle touches that suggest a masculine appeal.

atlanta condo bedroom remodelingThe bedroom, with a plush, stark-white headboard and dark chocolate-brown bed coverings, also has an interesting set of horns on the wall, an accessory suggestive but not too overpowering.

atlanta condo kitchen remodel

The bathroom and the kitchen, on the other hand, are almost entirely void of color, creating a bright and refreshing look.

atlanta condo bathroom remodeling

Brown seems to have found success in creating a cohesive space centered around one small piece of inspiration. And with such a sense of refined masculinity, perhaps bachelor pads the world over can follow suit.

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