Whimsy Grows Up in This Los Angeles House

From Margaret Everton on January 5, 2011 in Los Angeles

los angeles living room

Who says whimsy has to be for kids? Incorporating details into a space with tongue firmly planted in cheek can surprise and delight–and the balance between caprice and sophistication is gloriously possible. And that’s just what Jeff Eyser and Joe Kuntz have created in their 1,100 square foot Los Angeles home.

los angeles whimsy stereo

The classic duplex has been restored and, mainly, infused with a sense of humor. A set and prop stylist in Hollywood, Jeff and Joseph, manager of post operations for 51 Minds, have merged their tastes and personalities into a truly unique dwelling.

los angeles dining room

As with most successfully-executed grown-up whimsy, the house is set up meticulously, allowing a small proportion of humor to showcase in various spots throughout the house.

los angeles kitchen design

From details like this unexpected condiments holder, to the phone booth in the corner of the living room, which is given certain warmth with the faux grass rug, the entire house exudes an energy that just refuses to grow up and get too serious.

los angeles phone booth

Yet the house has retained a refinement born of careful editing and a clear aesthetic vision. And, as the two say they “find inspiration everywhere,” it’s no wonder that this space is in a wonderful world of its own.

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