What Came First?  The Remodel or the…Egg?

From Margaret Everton on February 25, 2010 in New York

new york egg hallway

While most remodels come with a whole host of requests from the homeowners, this Tribeca loft was transformed with one singular (and unusual) concept in mind: make the design as similar to an opalescent glass egg as possible.

new york egg living room

Because this required a multitude of different materials, designers had to break down the essence of the egg and hope to recreate it through the feel and sensory experience of the home. In concluding that the appeal of this particular glass egg (yes, it was inspired by a specific egg) was its calming ability and sense of wholeness, they attempted to mirror this throughout the house.

new york egg bathroom

What did they come up with? A series of seamless mahogany storage spaces, glass pieces that express serenity, and a color palate that shows the reflective quality of the egg. Many of the additions trump normal building protocol by appearing to be floating above ground. A glass sink in the bathroom void of partitions and lit from underneath, as well as a series of glass panels covering the living room fireplace extend this idea of oneness throughout the entire house.

new york egg dining room

Echoing the very shape of the egg is a unique lighting fixture about the dining room table, emitting a pink light somewhat removed from the rest of the color scheme. Round lines found in the dining room chairs and bar design in the kitchen serve as a reminder of the inspiration for the remodel without being too terribly overpowering.

new york egg kitchen

Sticking to functionality while still fulfilling the design elements suggested by the glass egg itself, this Tribeca loft seems to be the perfect example of how an off-the-wall idea can lead to a fantastic home remodel.

new york egg bedroom

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