Michael and Mandy’s Well-Crafted Condo

From Margaret Everton on February 7, 2011 in

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With their awesome craft blog Fabric Paper Glue, it’s no wonder that Michael and Mandy have crafted a great 608-square-foot home in Arlington, Virginia. In a city where a large and affordable space can be hard to come by, Michael and Mandy have created their own world.

Finally moving beyond the monetary restrictions of grad school, the Nashville natives focused on creating a unique home by blending mid-century cool with Southern and Asian details. Yes, unique to be sure.

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Integral to pulling off individuality with cohesion, the creation of the space relied heavily on Mandy’s eye for composition and color. In fact, asked about their inspiration, Mandy says they aren’t sophisticated enough to name a designer. Well. They are their own designers. With great intuition and energy, Mandy balances Michael’s unpretentious practicality, who looks to what is most functional.

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Their space is a blend of usefulness and beauty. Their collective talent transformed what was a bland rental unit into a home with character.

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When they first moved in, the outdated space needed a lot of refurbishing and painting. They installed the kitchen floor, painted cabinets and replaced hardware, and changed the light fixtures. As a result, the couple has created a unique space without breaking the post-grad-debt bank. This space—and Michael and Mandy themselves—is definitely unique.

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