Weary of White? Bet We Can Change Your Mind…

From Margaret Everton on April 2, 2010 in Los Angeles

For most people, too much white in one space tends to conjure up visions of hospital rooms: sterile and unwelcoming. So when interior decorator Betsy Burnham chose to revamp her design firm’s Los Angeles office space with this color as the theme, her staff was a tad apprehensive. Luckily, her risks paid off and she was left with a chic space just brimming with personality. los angeles white officeMaking white work in any space may seem like a challenge, but Burnham had already incorporated it into a few of her clients’ rooms. Her biggest attraction to the color was its ability to create a blank canvas that makes other colors pop. It can also be used to modernize different elements, conceal imperfections, or bring a bit of traditional appeal. And in a location like Los Angeles, with abundant sunshine to reflect off of white paint, furniture and flooring, it’s hard to resist an opportunity to make your space glow. los angeles white bedroom In this bedroom, a simple color palette and a large amount of white allows for changes to be made to the design later on down the road. Not many designs are this boredom-proof. And despite the common misconceptions, using white fabric doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours on stain removal. Burnham points out that most of them are already treated to be stain-resistant, and bleach can help with quick clean-ups. los angeles white chairs Brian Patrick Flynn of DecorDemon.com suggests using white paint in order to bring mismatched furniture together. Then, all the focus can be directed to other design elements in the room. One piece of advice from the experts: Be careful when choosing paint or fabric colors for your room. Not all whites are equal and choosing conflicting shades could make your whole design fall flat.

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