Urban Loft Home in the Suburbs: The Best of Both Worlds

From Margaret Everton on March 22, 2010 in Kansas City

kansas city suburban swings

Conventional cookie-cutter homes are a staple in thousands of suburban neighborhoods across the country, but when architect Christian Arnold and his wife, Julie, came across an odd-shaped, sloping piece of land in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, they decided that doing away with “normal” might just lay the foundation for great design.

kansas city suburban landscapeWorking with the land instead of attempting to change it, the couple built a typical concrete foundation for half the house and utilized steel poles to stabilize the other half. They also decided not to tear down any trees, or add additional dirt to flatten the land out. To show their thanks, the trees offer in return much-needed shade in the sunny summer months, and allow for light to pour through the windows in the winter once they’ve lost their leaves. The end-result is a loft-inspired design in a scenic landscape not available in the city.

kansas city suburban living room

With an ample amount of windows in each room, heating and cooling costs are kept minimal by adding a radiant floor heating system and fireplace.

kansas city suburban kitchen

Pieces of both the exterior and interior were made from recycled wood, like the garage with timber from Christian’s parents’ farm in Kingman, Kansas, and the pinewood kitchen table that Julie refinished with stain and wax.

kansas city suburban bathroom

Simple design elements like a Duravit tub in the master bath, as well as the Vitra Tom Vac Rocker and Studio8 couch in the living room, brought a level of comfort to each space while still making it feel sleek and minimalist.

kansas city suburban bedroom

For a couple that loves city living, this loft-style suburban home seems to be the best of both worlds. Perhaps with great design, you really can have it all.

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