Two Portland Designers, One Spectacular Beach House Remodel

From Margaret Everton on July 13, 2010 in Portland

When Pamela Hill and Lois Mackenzie, designers and co-owners of three investment properties, found this 1972 Arch Cape two-bedroom ranch house, they knew they had found a home worth investing in. They were weary, however, of the bland (and horribly outdated) design style of similar vacation homes in the area, and were more than committed to going against the status quo. We are so glad they did… portland beach house While the location is prime, the home itself needed plenty of work: $280,000-worth to be exact. In their attempt to create a boutique-style feel, they completed an array of projects. On the list were: new floors, updated bathrooms, a newly-rebuilt kitchen and deck, replacement of windows and drywall, and a finished attic. Throughout the design process, Mackenzie pushed for more open space and an overall brightening of the existing rooms. To accomplish this, the pair tore down dividing walls that separated the living, dining and cooking areas of the home. A sturdy, concrete kitchen island and a large dining room table completed the space. They also decided to relocate the entry to the north side of the home. beach house kitchen Finding the perfect lighting seemed to be the most challenging part, until Hill ran across bronze chandeliers at the ReBuilding Center. They sanded them down and spray painted them white, in harmony with the beach-side décor. The pair may have planned on selling their beach home after the renovations were complete, but they have yet to make the move. Instead, they decided to co-own the home, using it for pleasure more than business. This after-the-fact perk makes all of the hard work worthwhile.

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