Trouble Choosing Paint Color?  Take Matters into Your Own Hands

From Margaret Everton on March 16, 2010 in Richmond

Deciding on a paint color can be an overwhelming task. If the thought of picking that primary-color paint store blend makes your stomach churn, perhaps you should take matters into your own hands. With a bit of creative paint mixing, you can pinpoint the perfect individualized color for your home.

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Meet Wendy Umanoff, Richmond’s own acclaimed interior designer. We’re a big fan of her work here at CalFinder, and would love to share a few of her paint mixing tips with you.

#1 – Try Paint Samples Directly on Your Walls

The key here is to experiment, experiment, experiment. If a wide variety of colors strike your fancy, then try a plethora of different combinations. You can never learn enough about primary and accent tones, blending and coordination. How does a pale yellow look mixed with the soft white you were thinking about? Sponge a bit on the wall in question and check it out.

#2 - Take Everything into Account

What else affects the human eye’s perception of color? Natural light, windows and overhead lighting fixtures. It’s always best to try samples of paint on the wall, sit with them for a day or two, and then make your final decision.

#3 - What Happens with Conflicting Interests?

So your spouse hates pink. Understandable. Sometimes, with conflicting interests, two paint colors are left to duke it out. But if these colors seem like they might blend nicely to achieve a “middle of the road” compromise, then why not just mix them? First, however, make sure you pick the same brand of paint – this will ensure a smoother mixing process.

#4 – Call for Backup Just in Case

If your painting project is large, then it’s probably best to have the professionals do the mixing for you. Talk to your local home improvement store; they will show you the ropes and hopefully add in a few tips as well. Most importantly, they will ensure that the measurements are concise so the color can be duplicated if more paint is necessary in the future.

Creating a unique space sometimes just means adding your own special touch – something that no one else has. And with personalized custom paint, there’s no better way to do just that.

Photo Credit: Sharyn Morrow via Flickr CC

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