Townhome Perfection

From Margaret Everton on February 22, 2010 in Seattle

seattle townhome remodel

Townhomes are the quintessential urbanite’s dwelling area. They are quiet, modest, manageable and carefree living at its best. But not just any townhome merits such high praise. After all, with the popularity of the townhome, too many slipshod builders are fashioning what they call “townhomes,” without getting anywhere near what typifies excellence.

seattle townhome deck porchJohnston Architects, however, are making a difference. Check out these model Alki townhomes and notice the features that set them apart.

At Home in its Habitat

Any building, be it a store, home or office, must be at home in its habitat. Since these townhomes are located in Seattle, they must maximize Seattle culture and spirit. Catch a glimpse of the beautiful exposed wood, the vast picture windows, and the trendy modern lines on the exterior. Not only is this townhome at home in its habitat, but it defines its habitat.

seattle townhome picture window

Making a Green Difference

New homes today are not the energy-hogging, earth-wasting creations that they once were. Thanks to townhomes like these, builders are redefining the way we live responsibly. With renewable resources, energy efficiency to the hilt, and a host of other green features, these townhomes are doing a service to our environment.

seattle townhome living room

Eminently Luxurious

Townhomes are not meant to be endured. They are meant to be enjoyed. This townhome is at the apex of townhome luxury. Check out the party-worthy porch space, the well-lit surroundings, the drop-dead awesome view of the Sound, and the seductive loft space. Not only that, but each bedroom boasts a ton of creature comforts, along with the social-happy kitchen. This townhome gives a whole new meaning to “coming home.”

seattle townhome dining

Absolutely Practical

Luxury ought not to obfuscate the practical. To put it simpler, the place has got to be easy to live in. No problems on that end. Builders and designers thought ahead, placing a garage beneath each townhome (make that a two-car garage). Safe staircases, generous closet space, and cozy gas logs make it beautiful but also functional.

seattle townhome stairway

Johnston Architects certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to functional, green, comfortable and practical living spaces. It doesn’t get any better than this.

seattle townhome bedroomseattle townhome window replacement

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