Top 5 Tips from Oakland Designer Sheri Sheridan

From Margaret Everton on April 29, 2010 in Oakland

Are you drowning in a sea of decorating tips and don’t know how to prioritize? Then by all means, let us help. Here are some top ideas from Oakland-based interior designer Sheri Sheridan.

Don’t Let Color Scare You

oakland design tips color

Sheridan never hesitates to use the brightest of the bright when it comes to choosing colors for her space. While the Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee color (shown here in the wall’s trim) came at full price, most of her finds are pulled out of clearance bins at the paint store. Definitely something to keep in mind.

Reuse the Unusual to Create the Extraordinary

oakland design tips unusual

This headboard certainly possesses that sought-after “wow” factor. The best part is that Sheridan created it with four packs of Soreli mirror tiles from Ikea. Choosing unconventional materials can have an awesome effect while cutting down decorating costs considerably.

What Worked for Your Grandma Can Work for You

oakland design tips vintage

Whoever said new was better was wrong. Period. Sheridan suggests adding vintage pieces like the one shown here to bring chain-store purchases to life. Using the new and old together can create a unique look all your own.

Splurge on Accessories

oakland design tips accessories

If you’re lusting after pricy candles from Crate and Barrel or shelves from Pottery Barn, you don’t necessarily have to stop yourself from buying them. Sheridan suggests spending a little bit more on smaller accessories and finding bigger items from vintage stores that can be repurposed. This lavender pillow, for example, is a designer purchase from Thomas Paul ($98). The larger fuscia pillow was only $38.

Rescue Forgotten Furniture

oakland design tips repurposed

This bench was abandoned on a street corner but brought back to life with a new coat of paint and reupholstered cushion. See potential where others see none, and the results will surprise you.

If Sheridan’s own house is any indication, these tips can be your home’s saving grace. If nothing else, they’ll get the creative juices flowing.

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