Tips for Des Moines Dwellers: Sprucing up the Bungalow

From Margaret Everton on February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Looking for lessons on how to make an old bungalow work for a growing family? Learn from Pamela Porter, a mom, a Des Moines dweller, a go-getter, and the owner of a 1923 Craftsman Bungalow. Check out how she turned this dark beast of a house into a light and airy sanctuary for her family.

Unadorned Windows

des moines bungalow living room

While window treatments are a must-have for some, they are a no-need for Pamela. By eliminating window treatments, she successfully eliminated a light-blocker from the home, and opened it up to more natural light.

Lighter Colors

des moines bungalow dining

Pamela chose lighter colors for her wall and deco. This provided for an overall brighter appearance. To add gravitas to the home, she used mid-toned furniture.

Sometimes Overhaul

des moines bungalow kitchen

When change was needed, Pamela knew how to do it. The old-style kitchen was gutted to make for a modern sanctuary with flair. The same love for clean lines and open spaces makes for an attractive working area.

More Storage

des moines bungalow storage

As many homeowners know, the secret to a clean and organized home is lots of storage. Older homes simply don’t have a lot of built-in storage. Pamela decided to put some in. What she did translated into a rule-breaking bit of design genius.

Windows in Weird Places?

des moines bungalow bedroom window

Some may think it odd, but we think it’s smart. Pamela installed interior windows in certain rooms to open up the home and spread light easier throughout the living space.

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