Tiny Living in Los Angeles

From Margaret Everton on June 7, 2010 in Los Angeles

If living a short jaunt from sunny SoCal beaches has always been number-one on your bucket list, you may not have to wait until you make your first million. But yes, there is a downside: you’ll have to be comfortable living in an apartment the size of a postage stamp. How small exactly? Try 350 square feet. Timm Freeman, along with the 165 other residents currently living at the Olympic Studios in Santa Monica, has decided that living space doesn’t mean much when you’re only a block away from the beach. Sure he pays $1,110 a month for his cramped quarters, but you won’t catch him complaining. los angeles tiny apartment Approximately the size of an RV, Timm’s apartment combines his TV nook, kitchen and desk all into one area. A small staircase brings him up to a loft-like bedroom area with room for a double bed and a closet. Since moving in, he has learned to use items once contained in a closet as artwork on the walls instead, (i.e. his guitars). Manhattan has been the poster city for tiny living spaces for decades, but apartment complexes like Olympic Studios will soon be popping up in California hotspots. One complex from the same builders is currently being built in a neighboring area of Santa Monica, while another is slated to for the Palms neighborhood of West Los Angeles. While places like these are a bit on the extreme side, builders see them as a simple solution to affordable housing in pricey cities. The only question is, are you willing to forgo a big portion of your belongings?

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