Tiny Cabin Comes with Big, Big Views

From Margaret Everton on June 16, 2010 in Seattle

How does a family of four live comfortably in 1,200 square feet? This Seattle family believes it’s all about efficient design and taking advantage of the great outdoors. Fortunately, their views of Washington’s Methow Valley and the Cascade Sawtooth Mountains make cramped quarters absolutely worthwhile. seattle cabin landscape The family is able to expand their available space by using this outdoor veranda as a room all its own. A secluded setting means that privacy isn’t much of an issue. seattle cabin patioThe kitchen may be small, but it doesn’t lack efficiency. For an inexpensive center island, they used a stainless steel and butcher block workspace. seattle cabin kitchen Another good way to cut down on space: no extra rooms, and only the necessary amount of furniture. The design may be minimal, but warm wood and natural lighting make it feel nice and cozy. seattle cabin living roomseattle cabin loft The bedroom, on the other hand, is more bed than room. Sliding doors at the foot of the bed are kept open to make the space look larger than it is. seattle cabin bedroom Not every family could manage living in such close proximity to one another, but this one seems more than content. By now, I’m sure they know just how to overcome those challenges.

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