The Perfect Paint for Portland Homes

From Margaret Everton on July 9, 2010 in Portland

portland painting kitchenWhile you may have a favorite color or two, choosing that perfect shade of paint means taking your local surroundings into account. For us in Portland, that requires a careful look at the green landscape, soft sky tones and natural beauty of the environment.

Here’s how to pick the right paint for your Portland home.

#1 – Don’t overdo it with brightness.

It may seem logical to paint a room in an extraordinarily bright color to combat the cloudy skies, but Gretchen Schauffler of Portland-based Devine Color suggests otherwise. Choosing a warm, muted tone for rooms with less light, she says, and cool colors for rooms with lots of sun exposure.

Consider these three factors:

  • How much light (artificial and natural) you have in the room
  • Whether you prefer warm or cool colors
  • The color of the wood already present

#2 – Observe how & where natural light shines.

You need to consider not only how the light reflects into the room, but also the direction of the light rays. Northeast exposure creates a cool light, while southwest is warmer. This will change how your paint looks throughout the day.

#3 – Your paint doesn’t speak for your room!

Schuaffler suggests keeping paint colors on the neutral side to allow your furniture and accessories to create the interest in the room. They also blend much more nicely with the natural tones of the environment.

Here are some specific colors and palettes from local experts that might narrow your search:

Local Paint Shops

Benjamin Moore (available at Kaleidoscope Paint) – Ask for Benjamin Moore’s Pacific Northwest Color Collection for blues, plums, greens and browns that complement the Portland setting.

portland painting bedroomDevine Color (sold at Miller Paint locations) is designed with the climate and light of the Pacific Northwest in mind. There are 128 colors to choose from that will make any room warm and inviting.

portland painting devine colorsYolo Colorhouse – While these color experts have a wide variety of colors to choose from, Yolo Colorhouse suggests these examples to get you started:

portland painting yoloFor a look emphasizing the sunlight:

  • Grain .05 on the walls
  • Air .04 on the ceiling

For more of a “greenery” look:

  • Grain .05 on the walls
  • Air .05 on the ceiling

Portland MetroPaintsThe 15 colors available from Portland MetroPaints are created from a mixture of 100% recycled latex paints, so they won’t be too bright. Better yet, they ring in at only $5 to $9 a gallon.

portland painting metro

Above all, pay attention to what your environment is telling you—it might know a thing or two about color choices that you haven’t discovered yet.

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