The Living Wall: How One Portland Couple Keeps Their Privacy Alive

From Margaret Everton on August 24, 2010 in Portland

Bill and Patty Long had a nice piece of property in the Bethany neighborhood, but it had a few problems. For one, they had a tiny yard. The second problem was, even though the neighborhood was great, their back yard didn’t have much in the way of privacy. For the social-loving couple, this presented a bit of a challenge when they wanted to entertain guests and maintain some semblance of isolation from the public eye. portland living wall garden The problems weren’t insurmountable, especially for the pros from Plant-it Earth Design. Plan-It Earth, the Portland-based company specializing in green design, had an idea. Instead of coming in with timber, saws and hydraulic hammers, the green-loving team from decided to take a softer, gentler, more beautiful approach to caring for the Long’s yard. The small space of the backyard is overcome through strategic use of the space already there. An eye-catching arbor, a beautiful patio, and a medley of garden plants strewn along the edges create a space that looks big and acts like it, too, when it comes to entertaining gusts. portland living wall To protect their privacy, the Longs installed what is called privacy planting. For many people, the term “privacy planting” conjures up images of imposing hedges comprised of uniform bushes or trees. Not so with this living fence. Growing a truly aesthetic privacy plant is more like a work of art, with layers of green over layers of green. It starts with a collection of pine trees or other conifers, which provide structure and a dark green backdrop yearlong. Through the use of small deciduous trees, privacy is enhanced. Additional green, plus beauty to boot, is added by throwing in perennials, decorative grasses, and other flowers and shrubs. portland living wall garden The Long’s privacy planting is an ideal way to protect their yard, and it’s earth-friendly, too. The Portland Nursery, with locations all over the area, provides everything that anyone would need to plant their own living wall. There’s room for customization and creativity however you try it.

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