The Kimber Modern Hotel = Ultra Sexy Getaway Spot

From Margaret Everton on March 29, 2010 in Austin

austin hotel front

Everyone knows that Austin attracts the best, the brightest, the trendiest, and the most extreme. But how does someone design living spaces suitable for this slice of humanity? It was a challenge suitable for Burton Baldridge Architects, who were given the task of transforming a vintage-70s hotel into a modern wonder. Owners Cavendish and Faust knew that the right look would attract the right guest in the upscale financial area of Austin, but they didn’t know just how to do it.

Burton Baldridge knew how. And they worked a shocking transformation that is stunningly modern. The name of the hotel fits: Kimber Modern.

austin hotel bedroom

This is not your local Motel 6. Light oak furniture suits the white tile and contrasts well with the black drapes and desktop.

austin hotel bathroom

If it’s spa you’re after, Kimber Modern does not disappoint. Classic meets modern in this sleek assemblage of shower, bath and stainless fixtures. A metallic blue hue overshadows the entire room.

austin hotel patio

Nothing is lost on the walk from modern interior to oudoor porch area. Usually, wicker furniture has curves. Not these seats. The cubic dimensions of the seating are matched by the sexy cubical firebox.

austin hotel living room

Talk about an eye for color. Even though 90 percent of this room is a blanched white, it only serves to enhance the popping green of the sofa and the ultra-simplistic red and blue artwork on the wall. Even little details like the bright blue lampshade have a big voice.

austin hotel landscaping

Who says that only traditional-style architecture can match nature? The svelte counters of the tree are totally echoed in the sylphlike curves of the lobby chairs. Even the color—gray trunk/gray patio—is a combination of perfection. Behind the glass, again minimal color draws major attention to the artwork.

Beautiful work. Well done, Austin!

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