The Dallas House that Lures You In (and Keeps You There)

From Margaret Everton on January 22, 2010 in Dallas

dallas design joslyn taylorDallas resident Joslyn Taylor describes her design philosophy with a striking and hospitable statement: “My whole mission in life is to have the house everyone comes to…I want to lure them in.” And lure them in she does, with a design style that defies traditionalism, yet retains a sacrosanct approach to life, and imbues her living space with a welcoming and carefree spirit. Check out her house - and catch some words of wisdom in the process.

dallas kitchen design

“Hardly ever buy kids’ stuff.”

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Because kids grow and furniture does not, Joslyn doesn’t spend big money that won’t get a return on investment. Rather than buy cute kid’s furniture, Joslyn buys pieces that are beautifully designed and will be good for a long time. Although there are the necessities, like the crib, you won’t find any other exclusively kid-furniture for her two girls.

“Don’t be in a rush.”

dallas joslyn children room

Joslyn’s design philosophy is the slow-but-steady-wins-the-race kind of approach. She takes home beauty seriously, and something like that may need to take a while. That’s why she waits for the right place or the right time—patiently looking forward to that estate sale or community garage sale—to buy the right pieces for her home.

“I googled a million places.”

dallas design crib

Nobody said that a beautiful house just happens if you take long enough. Audrey works… hard. Three baby showers in a row, friends over four times a month, a big garden, and two kids tell you this lady doesn’t slow down. She puts in that same work-hard quality to find the perfect accoutrement to beautify her home.

“My ultimate dream…”

dallas interior design

Drop-dead-awesome design is about dreaming. Dreaming is okay. So Audrey dreams and designs, and dreams some more. Her house is about her family more than it is supposed to be the paragon of design excellence. As she put it, “it’s not just a showplace, it’s your family’s house.” It’s the product of a dream, which is really a dream come true.

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