The Best of Both Worlds: A New Hampshire Getaway

From Margaret Everton on March 1, 2010 in Boston

With a life and business entrenched in city living, interior designer Sheila Galligan and her family realized they could have it all with a second home in the serene town of Franconia, New Hampshire. With nearly three times the amount of space offered by their Boston apartment, Sheila was able to take full advantage of her design background to create a home that capitalized on all the extra room. new hampshire vacation home Playing off Sheila’s ideas and her family’s needs, architect Matt Andersen-Miller successfully created the modern farmhouse that both parties had envisioned. Using the mountains as a backdrop and focal point, several windows allowed natural light to pour through the house. A daybed was selected for the living room so as not to hinder the beautiful view, and an open layout mirrors the five acres of open space that that the home sits upon. new hampshire living room In decorating the house, Sheila adhered to clean lines and little clutter. She kept the color scheme mostly neutral - a nod to the outdoors. But by displaying a splash of yellow with bright kitchen stools and echoing the same color with wallpaper in the guest bathroom, she was able to create a space of fun for her children while still keeping with adult sophistication. new hampshire kitchen remodeling Using this house for weekend fun and a holiday getaway, the Galligans seem to have found a way to have the best of both worlds: keep your work and your fun in separate cities and you may just find a whole new appreciation for both.

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