The Best in SF Home Design: The Junior League of San Francisco Home Tour

From Margaret Everton on April 13, 2010 in San Francisco

Going on its 15th year, the Junior League of San Francisco Home Tour has brought together an eclectic mix of homes in the Pacific Heights area. Whether it’s a family story to tell or new technology to share, each home on the tour showcases the latest in cutting-edge home design. san francisco home tour kitchen A true rags-to-riches story, this mansion was originally built in 1910 by streetcar conductor Joseph Peltier, who was able to purchase land in Nevada after a generous and unexpected tip from a passenger. Once he successfully mined the land, he had enough money to build an elegant home fashioned after the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. When Joe and Mary Tamboni purchased the home nearly 100 years later, some of the original doorknobs, chandeliers, and elaborate sinks were still in place. As the owner of JT Builders, Joe went to work restoring the home’s original charm and making room for all of his family’s needs. He added a media center, wine cellar, exercise room and home theater, along with a few garden terraces. Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer let eco-friendly additions take center-stage in their Pacific Heights home. On the list is a vertical garden on the brick wall at their front entryway, which receives nutrients from a tank with gold koi fish below. The water is pumped using wind and solar power into the garden and back to the tank. Another eco wonder is a rotating wheel full of lettuce that sits in the backyard. Every time the wheel rotates, the lettuce roots get dipped in water. Pure creative genius at work here.san francisco home tour bathroom The appeal in this recently revamped modern Pacific Heights home came in the form of a beautifully designed interior. Nicole Hollis was at the helm of the project and managed to highlight the home’s sleek, minimalist style. Relying heavily on a black-and-white color palette, including a bleached oak floor, Hollis brought drama to each room. In addition, she pushed for the incorporation of a guest room into the master suite and one large room for the kitchen and living room. While her clients were a bit apprehensive at first, they were more than pleased with the outcome. Representing a grandiose design style that is somewhat rare in San Francisco, this brand-new home is managed by Greg Lynn, a Sotheby real estate agent. With its five levels, complete with seven bedrooms and 10 baths, along with an additional 2,500 square feet of rooftop terrace space, this home has room to spare. Literally. Louis Felthouse was responsible for the home’s architecture, and the firm Fisher Weisman created a design for the interior. And you can be sure that only the best of the best were used for both.

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