Steal this Retro Look!

From Margaret Everton on July 9, 2010 in Minneapolis

Most people aren’t driven to purchase a home because of its kitchen appliances, but Kate Grussing fell in love with her 1941 St. Louis Park home for that very reason. She was convinced that she could create a fantastic retro design for her new kitchen using its Roper range as inspiration. What she came up with might just inspire you to design a retro kitchen of your own. minneapolis retro kitchen Luckily, Rehkamp Larson, of Rehkamp Larson Architects in Minneapolis, knew just how to bring Grussing’s vision to life. Here’s what he did:

#1 – Choose Unique Appliances

She began by choosing appliances, mostly from DirectBuy, which matched the look and feel of the Roper range. Each of them was given the room they needed to serve as a focal point in the kitchen.

#2 – Lots of Pretty Tile

Many retro kitchens used tile all the way up to the ceiling. To cut back on the cleaning time that this would require, Rehkamp installed marble subway tile for the backsplash and wall behind the stove top. This lent itself well to the design scheme—without costing an arm and a leg.

#3 – Pay Attention to the Little Touches

Scalloped trim, also found on the exterior of the home, was used to add interest to the island, hood and feet of the cabinets. A metal grill, along with cabinet hinges and knobs, were used to emulate the intended time period.

If you want to create a retro kitchen of your own, make sure to do your research. Studying photos and picking out the elements you like best will give you the direction you need for your design.

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