Stay Warm in Chicago! Top 5 Winter Home Improvement Projects

From Margaret Everton on December 29, 2009 in Chicago

So, basically, it’s freezing. Literally. And if you’re anything like me, coldness is totally not fun. Miserable is probably closer to the right answer. For Chicagoans who want to take advantage of extra vacation time to do some renovation projects, doing something outside is probably not high on the list. Here are 5 ways that you can snazzy up your home—and enjoy the warmth of the indoors.

Carpet. It’s amazing the warm effect that new carpet can have on the home. And, thankfully, it’s not something that takes too much time. Be sure to replace the padding while you’re at it.

Paint. If carpet has a big effect on a home, paint is its closest cousin. A dingy, old or drab interior can get a big refresher with a simple coat of new paint. Go bold with your color choices, but make sure that the rooms match. If you want some assistance, view our Chicago painting contractors.

Bathroom. The bathroom is no longer merely a place of function and utility. Remodeled bathrooms are spa-like, luxurious and enjoyable. Give your bathroom a facelift during the winter months. As an indoor job, you won’t get cold doing it.

Light fixtures. Tired of the same old light fixtures in your home? Try some new ones. Light fixtures, whether in the bedroom, hallway, dining room or kitchen, are easy to replace, and they add a lot of beauty and light to the home.

Insulation. Laying new insulation is a wonderful home improvement project that will save you energy (lots of it) and keep your home warmer during the desperately frigid winter. Insulating the attic is the best place to start, and best of all, it’s warm up there.

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