Spousal Fight Leads to a Beautiful Remodel?

From Margaret Everton on June 24, 2010 in St. Louis

When Sam Young and her husband Tom purchased their home in the South City neighborhood of St. Louis, she was not entirely convinced of its potential. Luckily, he was training to become a licensed architect and she had just enough faith to allow him to take the reins in remodeling the home.

The biggest stumbling block to making the home livable was changing the layout of several of the rooms. Before, the rooms were choppy, closed off and not conducive to furniture. After Tom’s work, the rooms were bright, airy and perfect for a growing family. The walls in the living room, once broken up by two doors and an old fireplace, became seamless to allow for a couch and television, and an old archway was also removed. st louis young family
In order to bring in more natural lighting, Tom sawed through the ceiling to add a walled triangular addition and skylight. He also removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create two expansive rooms in one. A bar, built by Tom himself, was added to separate the two spaces. st louis kitchen
The color in the home was reserved for the furniture pieces and accessories while the walls were kept a clean white. Crisp lines were offered by the bamboo flooring that the couple had settled on, and an exposed, white-painted brick wall offered a bit of texture to the design. st louis bedroom furniture
The majority of the color was reserved for the nursery, the only room in the house with fully painted walls. A bright lime green made the space feel lively and fun, while still managing to not be overpowering. st louis nursery

Sam’s faith in her husband’s vision certainly paid off in this remodel. There is something to be said for having an architect in the house.

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