Spectacular Lakefront Remodel in Seattle

From Margaret Everton on June 15, 2010 in Seattle

seattle lakefront home

With Lake Washington splashing serenely at their backyard and a lush landscape out front, this Seattle family wasn’t willing to give up spectacular views for a little added living space. Instead, they upped their existing square footage while staying true to the home’s original lake-cabin feel.

seattle lakefront backyard

With Johnston Architects tackling the project, the end result was an additional 400 square feet on the main level, 1,000 more on the upper level, and an entirely new outer shell made of steel to protect the home from the elements. But while the outside may be tough, the inside is a mixture of modern warmth, natural lighting and cedar touches to bring it all together.

seattle sliding glass doorsseattle lakefront windowsSliding glass doors on both sides of the home allow for ample enjoyment of the outdoors when the weather permits. Modern furniture and splashes of color keep the design simple yet comfortable.

seattle lakefront kitchen

The kitchen strays away from the rest of the design with more industrial-type touches. Frosted glass on the cabinets reflect the open, expansive feel of the windows throughout the home.

seattle lakefront bedroom

With an attached porch and spectacular waterfront views, this bedroom would be hard to leave. Very little lighting required here.

seattle lakefront living room

Although the home is beautiful in its own right, the surroundings really bring it all together. I have a feeling this family won’t be leaving anytime soon.

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