Spectacular Delaware Coastal Home

From Margaret Everton on June 24, 2010 in Dover

When the owner of this breathtaking piece of land just off the Delaware coastline decided to begin building his dream home, he knew his plans would take a while to become reality. So, as one home was in the works, he began bringing this cottage, appropriately called Endless Views, to life. dover coastal views With 1,750 square feet to account for, interior designer Rosemarie Dodd Giroso of Rose Authentica, Inc., had a fair amount of work ahead of her. Paying careful attention to the owner’s vision for the space, she created a design that could serve both as a spiritual retreat and a relaxing getaway for anyone who might choose to visit. The kitchen, while compact in size, was created with functionality and luxury in mind. Dark wood was used to complement the black cabinetry, along with the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Wood beams were exposed to add interest to the space. dover coastal kitchen A good number of the rooms were designed to serve a multitude of functions, including the housing of overflow guests if need be. The laundry room, for instance, was given a granite countertop that could double as a workspace, while a futon was added to a room that adjoins to the garage. Instead of creating a third bedroom, a second story landing became an open space to enjoy the views. dover coastal addition The master bedroom received the largest dose of comfort with a vaulted ceiling and fan addition along with bedding chosen solely for its plush and relaxing feel. A checkered floor was able to bring light and color to the room. dover coastal bedroom With a cottage this inviting, it would be hard to justify building a larger home on the same property. We can only imagine how spectacular that one will be…

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