Sleek and Minimalist 360 Loft in Hell’s Kitchen

From Margaret Everton on May 21, 2010 in New York

Modern meets urban chic in the 360 Loft by Schappacher White. A New York residence, the design is kept simple and minimalist to let the city do all the talking. This property had its beginning as a button factory in Hell’s Kitchen, but now looks nothing of the sort. Amazing hardwood floors flow throughout each of the rooms, and customized furniture pieces provide an unusual touch. new york hells kitchen living Screens with clouded glass allow light to pass through each room without taking away much-needed privacy. The bedroom utilizes this addition to create a separate space without any walls. new york hell kitchen bedroom An expansive table in the dining room may not fit entirely with the rest of the understated design, but provides seating that the other spaces do not. new york hells kitchen dining Contrast this with the light and airy feel of the green-and-orange-accented kitchen. There appears to be ample storage, but all the cabinets blend together without the use of hardware. new york hells kitchen island Perhaps not the most universal design, but it works well given the location. If nothing else, the sheer size would make it seem like a mansion compared to other residences nearby.

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