Simple Kitchen Design, Groovy Results

From Margaret Everton on March 29, 2010 in Los Angeles

A clean and simple kitchen doesn’t have to be sterile and boring. This great Los Angeles cook space reminds us that with a bit of creativity and concise vision, exceptional design needn’t be so complicated. los angeles modern kitchen table The color palette in this space is limited to green, yellow and white, but each one is given ample room to make a bold impact. A green wall behind the modern cabinetry makes the paint look fresh and the appliances clean. los angeles modern kitchen cabinets Yellow is used appropriately as an accent color and manages to bring out the natural colors in the plant. The table itself is kept simple so as not to hinder the simplistic nature of the design. It also helps bring out the metallic of the cabinetry hardware. los angeles modern kitchen clock Subtle references to a different era, like the clock and overhead lighting, bring interest and a bit of fun to the space as well. los angeles modern kitchen lamp It’s the little things that make this kitchen warm and inviting, and give all of us aspiring home designers hope that simple solutions do exist.

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