Simple Beauty: Former Philly Warehouse Gets Major Makeover

From Margaret Everton on March 16, 2010 in Philadelphia

More and more today, people are trying to revert to a simpler lifestyle. Here’s how one Philadelphia home received a makeover for a look that was intentionally simple, yet strikingly elegant. Originally, the Washington Square home was a publishing house. Now, it’s a family’s home. philadelphia home exposed brick Exposed brick walls created the precise look and feel for the dining room, as well as other areas of the house. The vivid color of the brick matches the medium-stain wood furniture. As a counterbalance to the horizontals of the room, architects added an attractive arch. philadelphia home master bedroom Simple doesn’t always mean a throwback to vintage look. Here’s a classic modernity that boasts a glass wall and bold colors. The avant-garde approach of this guestroom is simple enough, yet perfectly appropriate for the color scheme of the entire home. philadelphia home living roomThe living room is a showcase of simplicity, and combines the stark modern look of the guest bedroom with the vintage appearance of the dining room. Exposed timber beams give the ceiling an attractive theme. The clean lines of the furniture point toward the arched window, which has a great view of I.M. Pei’s Society Hill Towards. philadelphia home hallway Certainly edgy. The entryway exhibits the warehouse origins of the building, but still seems at place in the home. philadelphia home office The home office is similar to the guestroom in that it uses bold-colored walls, glass walls, and traditional-styled furniture and upholstery. philadelphia home bedroom curtains The master bedroom is one of the family’s favorite designs. It’s all about airy simplicity and light colors. Floor-to-ceiling drapes along the wall complement those covering the window. Gentler colors and soft patterns work well with the darker floor and exposed ceiling. The room retains an original feel of the place, while imbuing it with a luxurious air of tranquility. philadelphia home kitchen The kitchen is one fun place. As an eat-in kitchen, there is plenty of room for socializing. The in-cabinet appliances are at the perfect height, not requiring back-strain or bending. One of the key features of the kitchen is the suspended light rack, providing plenty of illumination and an attractive design.

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