Sexy WeHo Apartment: Vintage Everything & a Ton of Charm

From Margaret Everton on May 28, 2010 in Los Angeles

With a small West Hollywood apartment and over-cramped furniture and accessories, Matthew Shallenberger and Deb Knox make it a habit to constantly redecorate. And despite their less-than-stellar square footage, they’ve managed to make cohabitation possible without skimping on functionality.

los angeles weho apartment living

After the couple added two dogs into the mix, it became even more important to separate their living area into unique spaces. Part of this meant foregoing a dining room table in order to create a workspace for both of them, as well as using carefully chosen light fixtures to highlight the different areas.

los angeles weho apartment wine

Luckily, similar design styles made moving in together a breeze. In addition to using what was already in their individual collections, they added some interesting pieces, like this wine bottle cabinet-turned-bead storage.

los angeles weho apartment trinkets

To add to the eclectic feel, the couple frequents flea markets, tackles DIY projects and constantly peruses Craigslist. Reupholstering and repurposing has become one of their favorite pastimes, but when all else fails, they have a plethora of accessories to take out of storage.

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