Selling in Today’s Market? Curb Appeal is Half the Battle

From Margaret Everton on May 3, 2010 in

Much as we hate to admit it, homebuyers do judge a book by its cover. So make sure yours is tops.

If you’re trying to sell your home in today’s market, getting people to stop and take a look may be half the battle. Up your curb appeal and make the best first impression to potential buyers by using these tips from New Jersey landscape designer Chris Cipriano.

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Cipriano’s company provides exterior staging for homes on the market, so he’s become an expert on figuring out what to look for and what to change along the way. First things first: pay attention to any major problems that are readily visible from the street. If you have a chipped sidewalk or the front of the house looks dirty, for example, then passersby may immediately write off the property.

Do your kids have toys scattered around the front yard? Do a clean-up. Same goes for unused or broken patio furniture.

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In addition, make sure the siding on your home looks spic and span. If it doesn’t, then do some power washing and repaint the exterior trim. Add some attractive lighting to call attention to your home, even at night.

Inspect the exterior as you would the interior. Ensure that house numbers and doorknobs aren’t rusty and aged looking, do away with weeds and use inexpensive potted flowers to add a touch of color.

Small changes can go a long way in attracting the perfect buyer for your home, so get out there and make it as beautiful as the day you purchased it. And when it sells, you’ll know who to thank.

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