The Best Bath of the Year: 5 Ways to Get it for Yourself

August 16, 2010 in Seattle

How Seattle designers snagged the 2010 Bath of the Year Award Don’t read this if you have any tendency to jealousy. Especially don’t read it if you have ever wanted a bathroom that looks, feels, and acts like a five-star... read full post →

Out with the '70s, in with the Modern-Historic

August 09, 2010 in Seattle

Around its 105th birthday, a Capitol Hill kitchen gets a backward/forward design change. The 1905 home after renovation How do you take a century-old treasure of a house out of its ancient entrapments, and add the beauty of... read full post →

Tiny Cabin Comes with Big, Big Views

June 16, 2010 in Seattle

How does a family of four live comfortably in 1,200 square feet? This Seattle family believes it’s all about efficient design and taking advantage of the great outdoors. Fortunately, their views of Washington’s Methow Valley and... read full post →

Beware these 4 Window Replacement Scams, Says Attorney General

June 15, 2010 in Seattle

Are new windows at the top of your remodeling to-do list? If you aren’t fully aware of your rights as a consumer or the window companies’ responsibilities, then you may want to take note of these tips from Seattle’s... read full post →

Spectacular Lakefront Remodel in Seattle

June 15, 2010 in Seattle

With Lake Washington splashing serenely at their backyard and a lush landscape out front, this Seattle family wasn’t willing to give up spectacular views for a little added living space. Instead, they upped their existing square... read full post →
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