Sweet Salvage Shops in Seattle

From Margaret Everton on September 24, 2010 in Seattle

We know everybody’s strapped for cash these days. But thanks to the abundance of awesome thrift and salvage shops in Seattle, you don’t have to buy much of anything brand-new. In fact, items that have been salvaged and spruced up for second-time usage are usually rich in character and very low in price. Here are our favorite home treasure troves in Seattle.

1. Second Use

seattle salvage second use7953 2nd Ave S seattle salvage kitchen cabinets
Maple base kitchen cabinets for $145

Started in 1994, this Puget Sound business is more than experienced in the art of building material reclamation. The current inventory at Second Use includes everything from flooring to furniture, doors and hardware. Better yet, their prices are reasonable and they can help make any demolition job easier by hauling away what you don’t use.

2. RE Store

seattle salvage re-store1440 N.W. 52nd St. seattle salvage stained glass

With a strong presence in the Seattle area, the RE Store is constantly being called to construction and demolition sites around the city, which means their inventory is always changing. Right now they have wide variety of materials, including antique lighting, cabinets, windows, and plumbing fixtures. Helpful tip: if you donate your goods, you can use it as a deduction come tax time.

seattle salvage bathtub

3. Earthwise Architectural Salvage, Inc.

seattle salvage earthwise3447 4th Avenue South The folks over at Earthwise Architectural Salvage accept items from a lot of different sources, including artists and designers, ensuring that whatever you buy will be unique and unexpected. While they too offer a wide variety of home stuff, most of their inventory is centered on architectural or artistic gems, like stained glass windows or carved mantles.

seattle salvage architecture

Why pay a pretty penny for new items that lack that certain character and charm? These stores are sure to have what you’re looking for—and plenty of what you aren’t as well.

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