Santa Monica Home: Interesting Design or Organized Clutter?

From Margaret Everton on May 24, 2010 in Los Angeles

If homes brimming with accessories and organized clutter just aren’t your cup of tea, then this Santa Monica abode by commune isn’t for you. Take a look and decide for yourself. los angeles clutter fireplace Wood trim and a brown leather couch darken this space, but windows sans window coverings help to add a bit of natural light. As in many of the spaces they design, contrasting patterns bring some interest, and in this case, an over-the-top vibe, to the room. los angeles clutter dining The dining room is where things start to get interesting. Patterned carpet, window coverings and wall trim make this space seem smaller and more compact than it actually is. And unlike other rooms where colors get a similar amount of play time, green takes center stage here. los angeles clutter bedroom Varying shades of pink and orange take over the master bedroom, another indication that this home was designed with some very specific preferences in mind. los angeles clutter design Here are two spaces built around the same idea: use any available space to display accessories of interest, even if it means leaving little to the imagination. Perhaps this works for some, but many people might consider this off-putting. It’s clear that different design ideas were at work throughout this home. Some succeed, and some, well ... you can judge for yourself.

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