A Unique Remodel for a Swanky San Diego Pad

June 15, 2010 in San Diego

Harold Pell, an over-the-top San Diego interior designer with a reputation to match, has a knack for incorporating unusual elements into his design schemes. How unusual exactly? Try area rugs made from recycled Barbie hair and... read full post →

A Midcentury Home Hip Enough to Live in Today

May 27, 2010 in San Diego

Home design, much like fashion, is a spot-on indication of the times. This La Mesa home near San Diego received much praise in the 1960s for the way it seamlessly combined the outdoors with indoors. After a 2007 remodel by local... read full post →

Big Living in a (Very) Small Space

April 07, 2010 in San Diego

While living in a 700-square-foot home may be akin to taking up residence in a closet for some, Eric and Lauren Wendlandt wouldn’t trade their tiny 1911 San Diego bungalow for anything. Of course, with her background in... read full post →

A San Diego Home for the History Books

April 02, 2010 in San Diego

With handprints etched in the foundation from relatives past and an amazing podocarpus tree in the front yard, the sheer size of which guarantees impressive old age, this San Diego abode, designed by architect James Gates, brings a... read full post →

Not Your Average San Diego Party House

February 18, 2010 in San Diego

When Tom Felkner moved into a massive structure that was nearly 90 years old, he decided to throw a party. There were just a few minor issues with hosting a party. The toilet in the main bathroom was being held together with paper clips.... read full post →
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