San Diego Penthouse Remodel: Designing a Kitchen that Invites You In

From Margaret Everton on February 18, 2010 in San Diego

There’s something about kitchens that make you want to stay there, hang out, or just cook. One San Diego couple knew that the secret to a great home was in a great kitchen. As their kitchen designer, Lisa Wilson-Wirth, so aptly expressed, a good kitchen “comes to life with energy and light, constantly connected with the rhythms of urban family life.” So, Wilson-Wirth was handed the task of transforming this penthouse kitchen space into something personal, inviting, and social. san diego kitchen island First, she took orders from the owners. He wanted wine storage spaces and home-cooked risotto. The missus wanted tons of storage space, and classy new materials to exude elegance, fine construction, and a modern Euro look. Beyond the personal touches, the couple needed something that was open—a kitchen that invited people in rather than pushed people away. Throw into the whole mix the fact that the couple lived in a dwelling that has million-dollar views. Wilson-Wirth was up to her eyes in challenges. san diego small kitchen countertop First, she demanded a total kitchen gut. Then, she added a point of intense interest and elegance, just like the woman of the house wanted. It was Arclinea’s Solid Ray acrylic doors in a deep, warm brown. She imbued the countertops with the same sense of regal refinement using Pietra del Cardosa stone. san diego small kitchen Big moves like that were easy decisions. What wasn’t so easy was getting detailed with space conservation, storage strategies – the small-touch beauty. To maximize the kitchen’s miniature footprint of 125 square feet, the designer wisely used tall pantries with deep drawers. She installed cabinet inserts, hidden drawers at toe-level, and in-wall appliances. To brighten the kitchen up while keeping energy consumption low, Wilson-Wirth used vivid LED lighting everywhere. The grand result of the designer’s painstaking attention to detail – her big-picture survey of kitchen-wide beauty and strict observation of the owner’s preferences – is a kitchen that all but opens its arms to welcome friends inside.

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