Renovating a Tiny 1923 Clapboard House with Function & Style

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Considering the background knowledge that architectural designers Louis Molina and Laurent Turin of Good Idea Studio had gathered over the years, it seemed only appropriate that it would be applied to the design of their Los Angeles office and shared living space.

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The pair purchased and remodeled a 1923 clapboard house together in 2004, and have since turned the basement into a functional office and the upstairs into a 578-square-foot living area that Molina, a teacher at the Woodbury University School of Architecture, occupies, while Turin oversees the operations in their Switzerland office.

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In keeping with a neutral color palette, they were able to make their cramped living room and bedroom appear bigger than they actually are. Light from the outdoors makes the rooms more airy and hospitable.

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A shared desk in the office allows for collaboration and a bit of space-saving. The bookcase was made from plywood and pink Plexiglas.

los angeles clapboard kitchenThe kitchen might be the only space in this home that truly feels open. This was achieved by avoiding cabinets and hiding the sink, oven, and storage behind the countertop.

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Clutter cause by an impressive book collection was hidden appropriately with these sliding aluminum doors created from Metal Supply Company and wheels from Pro-Fit Cabinet Hardware.

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But while space is lacking on the interior of the house, the outdoor terrace more than makes up for it. A lemon tree adds some natural color to the seating area, while a table made from repurposed glass and Unistrut tube steel provides the perfect space for work or play. The chairs are a simple combination of plywood and sheets of blue foam.

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These retaining walls elevate the terrace, and construction gravel from George L. Throop Company allows rain water to irrigate the lemon tree.

Space may have been limited for this remodel, but the homeowners certainly know how to make it all work, which is an art form in its own right.

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