Remodel Your Kitchen for $1,000 or Less

From Margaret Everton on November 24, 2010 in Chicago

chicago kitchen under 1000

While we’ve mentioned many times how great of a return on your investment kitchen remodels can bring, it can be hard to know how to spend your money. Looking to experts such as Matt Lederer can help.

Lederer, president of Chicago-based Mahogany Builders, is an expert on kitchen and bath remodels, and believes like we do that updates don’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, he says that homeowners can remodel their kitchens for under $1,000.

His five tips will add value to your home and give you greater pleasure of living in it, in the meantime. The National Association of Home Realtors claims that kitchens are the most important room to renovate, and Lederer helps with how:

1. Backsplash

chicago kitchen backsplash

With only 18” or less to work with, choose tiling that adds personality, whether big and bold, or subtle and sleek. Your backsplash should draw the eye (and add value down the road). Plenty of kitchen remodelers are skilled with backsplash design—give it a try and compare rates for installation. You’ll be surprised how amazing your kitchen looks when it’s finished.

2. Hardware

Replacing fixtures and hardware can add an entirely new feel to the room. Relatively cheap and possible to do in an evening, this is a renovation tip to remember.

3. Kitchen Sink

chicago kitchen sink

Everything but the kitchen sink? No, never disregard what most people don’t realize is a focal point of the room. Replace worn faucets and add a new head. Many amazing styles can be had for under $150.

4. Flooring

chicago kitchen flooringFlooring projects can seem too large or expensive, but refinishing hardwood or professionally cleaning and sealing ceramic and tile can revive old flooring. Get a quote for your kitchen flooring here.

5. Light Fixtures

chicago kitchen lighting

How light is distributed throughout the room can change the entire feel. Visit sites such as Overstock for great options, and call an electrician to get you properly wired in.

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