Pure Excellence: Austin’s Cool River Custom Home

From Margaret Everton on March 30, 2010 in Austin

Austin living meets the pinnacle of perfection in this stunning home, designed by Cool River Custom Homes. Survey the pictures to soak in the kind of design that will earn this home some serious awards.

austin river home remodel

It all starts with the outdoors. Can we say, “curb appeal?” The bungalow look of this home possesses a choice palette of colors—mostly subdued tones, which match the stone pillar base and chimney. However, the cedar pillars on both levels accent the occasional red of the stone. The designers did a remarkable job marrying three mediums of exterior materials, each with its own distinct color.

austin river bookshelf

Custom bookshelves add the sturdy appeal to the bungalow’s interior. The horizontal shelves work well as filing credenzas, but by using strong horizontal design elements, they also contribute to the overall serenity of the room.

austin river ceiling

Step inside the master bath and catch your breath. You may not have prepared for a bathroom that hits the roof—literally. All the lighting in this space comes from the top—windows by day and an intriguing chandelier by night.

austin river bathroom cabinets

The center cabinet/TV stand sink area is ideally suited to point upward to the large open space pictured above. In addition, it serves as a great storage solution and raised TV platform. The green-themed artwork on the walls gives the room freshness and a contrast to the cherry-stained cabinetry.

austin river kitchenThe home’s kitchen has a classic appeal. Multi-tone hardwood floors and granite countertops are remarkable enough, but the mini-tile backsplash underneath the cabinetry is an exceptional addition.

austin river hardwood flooringaustin river patio

The front porch virtually forces you to relax. The only drawback is that there aren’t six or seven of them—all around the house. The obvious centerpiece of the porch area is the massive stone fireplace. The whole area has a surrounded-by-stone feel that adds to the outdoorsiness.

austin river living room

Notice the diagonals of this zone. Check out the staircase, the contrasting diagonal design of the pictures, and the multi-diagonal setting of the sofa. None of that happened by mistake. An exposed staircase is notoriously hard to compensate for when it comes to the horizontal/vertical challenge. This designer had a stroke of genius in placing the artwork where he did, and adding a counterbalance with the sofa pillow arrangement.

austin river office

A peek into the office is a must. It continues the wood theme of the home’s exterior and adds to the charm with a beautiful wood floor and wall design. Notice the windows aplenty in this room, making the wood look even more integral to the design.

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