Pure Design Genius at Work in Boston Loft Remodel

From Margaret Everton on April 30, 2010 in Boston

Who says stainless steel should be reserved for appliances? Della Valle Bernheimer utilized the sleek material to build a wall in this Boston loft. The goal was to accentuate the home’s three main areas: private/domestic, public/studio, and private/studio. boston loft kitchen The owners of the loft, a ceramicist/painter and her computer-scientist husband, needed a space that could serve their living and working needs equally. This was where Della Valle Bernheimer stepped in with the idea to create a space that can be changed depending on what the couple needs at any given time. It’s amazing – all the walls can pivot or move like closet doors to make one space bigger and another smaller. boston loft walls In addition to creating a space with extreme flexibility, the texture and color of the steel walls provide the perfect backdrop for the owner’s artwork. The holes that run alongside each panel can even be used as hooks for hanging individual pieces when it comes time to show them off. boston loft living room So what appears at one time to be a wide open space can easily be cut into more reasonably sized rooms with the pivot of a wall. In addition, the curvature of the walls creates a flow between both the living and working spaces. boston loft moving wall It’s amazing how the look and feel of this home lends itself well to both a gallery and a comfortable living space. That is pure design genius at work.

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