Phoenix Reduces Permit Fees for Green Home Remodeling

From Margaret Everton on September 29, 2010 in Phoenix

The incentives for going green just keep on a-comin.’ This time, residents of Phoenix are reaping the benefits with reduced permit fees for those projects that keep their environmental impact to a minimum. phoenix green building Permit fees, usually charged by the Planning and Development Services Department, will be lowered for both home improvement projects as well as business remodeling. Better yet, if the project is deemed “extremely green,” the permit fees could be scrapped altogether. The money for such a generous undertaking will be coming from a $700,000 grant given to the city by the U.S. Department of Energy. So how will a sliding scale be used to determine the amount of money owed? For larger projects, it’ll be calculated by a point system based on the type of materials, techniques and equipment used. The city’s Planning and Development Services Department is hopeful that this incentive will encourage more green building in the area, and if similar programs are any indication of what’s to come, they’re right on the money. Photo via Flickr CC: Jeremy Levine Design

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