Philadelphia Home of the Year: The Pembrey

From Margaret Everton on March 12, 2010 in Philadelphia

Stunning architecture with a fine-tuned design

Penbry Philadelphia Home

Gaping at large homes with expansive floorspaces and beautiful design is a lot of fun. Here is one Philadelphia home that boasts a retinue of features that places it in the category of “absolutely awesome.” Come on a tour of the Pembrey Home.

Entryways set the stage for the entire house. This entryway does the Pembrey justice. The stone pavers match the stone façade of the entry, and double doors topped by a glass arch bring plenty of light to the inside. The entryway evokes a simple modern look, especially due to the stone. It also has feel of elegance, partly due to the wood doors and carriage lantern above the entryway.

Stepping inside, one immediately gets a sense for the opulent elegance of the owners. The bookshelf is devoted to an arts display. The overstuffed sofa is strewn with pillows. The eye-catching coffee table deco is bold and sophisticated. Also evident is the openness and lightness of the home. Transom frames above the doors, large entryways and light-colored flooring lend a spacious brightness to the whole area.

In the dining room, the wall design and complementing carpet is astounding. It’s a bold and modern design with the same characteristic opulence of the living room.

Sleek, contemporary and bright are the features that give the kitchen its vivid character. A long island has four stools and enough room for lots of entertaining. The openness of the kitchen is manifested in the glass cabinetry, and even the glass door of the refrigerator.

Welcome to soaring ceilings of the family room. The high windows direct the eye upward, as do the small touches like the tall floral arrangement on the mantel and table decorations. The room exhibits a perfect blend of stylish taste with a casual feel for family gatherings or hanging out with friends.

It may not be the biggest room in the house, but it is arguably one of the most beautiful. The home office is a place where the absolute finery of the Pembrey is on full display. One immediately notices the large picture window, but in reality, every wall has a picture just as impressive. The desk itself is a majestic work of art.

The home’s carriage-house architecture is reflected well in the two-car garage. The custom doors provide an impressive look and give the home a characteristic excess light.

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