Phenomenal Style: 3 Renovated Baltimore Kitchens

From Margaret Everton on December 31, 2009 in Baltimore

Let’s face it: Christmas is behind us now, it’s frigid cold, roads are still icy and the Ravens won’t be going to the Super Bowl. It’s okay, though, because being at home inside our Baltimore havens is a warm and cozy thing, making up for certain other cold disappointments. Several Baltimore area residents in particular are keeping warm in their beautifully renovated kitchens. They might just inspire you to do the same. Light & Spacious Monkton Kitchen monkton kitchen This Monkton home boasts a kitchen that would have you believe the sun’s shining no matter the season. The Huber family added this spacious room to the back of their home, giving them gorgeous, sunny and wooded views from the ample kitchen windows. The entire room has a daffodil glow to it, with birch cabinets highlighted in a yellowish glaze, stone countertop with natural tans running through it, custom kitchen island that’s been distressed and painted green, and accent features throughout the room that enhance the theme. While the delicate Italian chandeliers give the room much class, the Huber kitchen, designed by Cindy Myers of Keener Kitchen, isn’t just a pretty place to sit - it’s highly functional and well-suited for the preparation and consumption of daily meals. And even beyond that, it’s perfect for entertaining and catering to large crowds of friends. There are three dishwashers in the kitchen, professional stove and oven and sub-zero refrigerator. The Funky Pipkin Kitchen Pipkin Kitchen The Pipkin kitchen is trendy, upbeat and modern. The family wanted a room that was fun, inspiring, functional and befitting of their personalities, and that’s what they ended up with. Although the home has ample space for a large kitchen, the family didn’t want it to be traditional, without character or rectangular in design. For that reason, Myers incorporated curves into the room, which gives it a better flow for functionality, as well as intriguing features to catch the eye. Some of the cabinets are finished in gray, blending nicely with the stainless steel appliances, while others are a vibrant lime green. The kitchen island is massive and features a curved back with elevated top that doubles as the kitchen table. While the cook definitely has plenty of room to move around, he (and sometimes she) can also enjoy the company of others, as the kitchen opens up to the living room, dining room and even spiral staircase that sits in the corner. French Bistro-Meets-Modern Edge Tim Holland and Troy Piro love to cook, but their old kitchen left them less than inspired. The new kitchen, however not only enthuses the couple, but has them wanting to entertain. They’ve defined the style as French bistro-meets-modern and edgy. What it is, though, is undeniably deep, rich and warm. Acid green walls that are at once pale and unassuming are countered by the bold, rich cabinets painted the color of midnight. Tying the two contrasts together is the mysterious countertop that, though it looks like swirls of reflective coffee running across the surface, is actually a honed marble top and brick backsplash. The combination of dark features with shiny stainless appliances, bright walls and antique mirrors gives the impression of entering a man’s study - a very rich man with impeccable taste. What gives it away, though, is the absence of oversized leather chairs, substituted by chic kitchen island stools. Read more about the projects at Baltimore Style

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