Palatial Living in Philadelphia

From Margaret Everton on June 28, 2010 in Philadelphia

I just watched a movie that had scenes from a no-way-that-is-such-an-amazing-house. You know what I’m talking about? The kind of house where you wander around in a strange state of awe, envy and architectural hypnosis. Here’s the guy who actually designs these palatial human dwellings. His name is David Semerjian. Take a look at one of the homes he recently designed in the Philadelphia suburb of Berwyn.

philadelphia mansion remodel The home sets up an impressive front—a sprawling yet cohesive. The design of the stone matches the textured design of the home’s shingles.
philadelphia mansion dining room The dining room is one of those rooms that is perfectly balanced. The striking Venetian glass chandelier and beautifully designed pillars add a sense of regal beauty to the room.
philadelphia mansion breakfast nook Stepping into the other eating room—the breakfast room—one immediately senses the change of mood. Floral tablecloth and window treatments, combined with the pink-and-brown polka dots of the upholstery combine to create a sense of playful elegance. The mood is perfect for the room, imbued with lots of light from the massive windows.
philadelphia mansion kitchen The kitchen is a new take on the angle concept. The huge island, designed with a pentagon footprint, is big enough for the whole family to sit and have a meal. At the same time, it lends itself to the flow of the kitchen workspace.
philadelphia mansion living room The design of the living room is tastefully restrained, but that restraint is balanced by the big design element of the zebra-print rug. The subdued colors of the rest of the room help to focus on the artwork.
philadelphia mansion office The office is heavy with wood, dark accents, and complex patterns. The coffered ceiling gives to room an integrated wood feeling, while the shades of color present in the window treatments adds the interesting color that the room needs.
philadelphia mansion pool It’s not until you step out back that you really get to experience the beauty of the home’s setting. Surrounded by acres of luscious green, the designer knew that the only way to save the view and install a pool was to do with an invisible edge swimming pool. The finished product is astonishingly beautiful. As an added feature of fun, there are six fountain sprays in the pool. The pool house is complete with a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and multiple changing rooms.

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