Outstanding Remodel: 1950s Home Fad to Present-Day Gem

From Margaret Everton on May 3, 2010 in Los Angeles

Lauri Gaffin saw in this Los Angeles mid-century modern home what most people didn’t: potential. The style may have been a design fad at the height of its popularity in the 1950s and 60s, but it was probably nearing its end when Gaffin decided to turn the home into a modern-day gem. los angeles landscaping In an attempt to keep the home true to its roots, she asked architect and friend Cory Buckner for a little help. The design was originally the brainchild of A. Quincy Jones, and Buckner just happened to be an expert on that particular style. los angeles original Gaffin and Buckner began by updating the materials that were making the home look far older than it actually was. Dingy brown carpet was removed and floors were revamped with an added layer of concrete. Textured walls were sanded down, and the original redwood paneling was revived with a bit of oiling. A street-facing window that had been added after the home was built was also removed since it contradicted the purpose of the privacy wall on the exterior of the property. los angeles remodelingJay Griffith, a landscape designer, and Russ Cletta, a landscape architect helped recreate the home’s yard space by planting a low-maintenance garden. Their main goal was to keep with the general feel and design of the home itself, which was achieved by a limited color palette and simple flora, such as bamboo. With the remodel complete, this home no longer gives its age away at first glance, and Gaffin is more than happy with the results.

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