Organic Design for Napa Valley Remodel

From Margaret Everton on July 16, 2010 in San Francisco

After studying architecture on the East Coast and spending two years applying what he learned in St. Remy de Provence, France, Daniel Hale was ready to piece together his own Napa Valley home. Using the naturally beautiful setting to guide his vision, he created a design rich in organic material and unlike any other upscale California home in the area. In using mostly recycled materials, Hale was able to add a unique texture and subdued earth tones to each room. And where’d that interesting sofa come from? It was actually built from the wooden crates used to transport his Travertine flooring tiles into the house. napa living room While the kitchen backsplash and stainless steel touches suggest more of a traditional design, the cabinets were made from salvaged window panes—very cool. napa kitchen The bathtub shown below might be the most luxurious part of the home. Other elements, like the light fixture, cupboard and sliding window panels were all made by Hale himself. napa bathroom Simplicity reigns in the bedroom, with the focal point being the four poster bed equipped with candle holders. napa bedroom Off the side of the house are breathtaking views of neighboring vineyards that make the property seem absolutely priceless. In the back is a pool with built-in seating. napa viewsnapa pool deck With a unique combination of old and new materials, Hale brought together a design that seems to have sprouted from the land itself. Organic looks like the way to go.

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